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Our Story

Empowering Forward Thinkers, Inspiring Change

GUIDED is a strategy consulting company, born from a desire to offer global businesses a collaborative, specialist and creative environment for new marketing methods to thrive.

Founded in Dubai with experience amassed from APAC, Europe, USA and the GCC, we approach every project with a unique perspective, fine-tuned to thrive on a global scale.

Our extensive background in the Real Estate, Fashion and F&B industries — among many others — ensures our ability to swiftly & successfully find strategic solutions that give your business a competitive advantage. We tackle intricate projects head-on, with integrity and forward-thinking and invite innovative solutions that carry your business into cutting-edge territory. Staying true to our core values, GUIDED works closely with our clients to devise a business strategy that promotes organic growth and optimal performance throughout their entire company.

Meet The Founder

Robyn Abouchedid - Brand Consultant Dubai


“You are your best asset.”

Robyn is an established Executive Coach, among other distinguished titles, and has amassed years of experience and skill in formulating integrated marketing strategies for companies and individuals alike. Her work spans an impressive range; from constructing remarkable large-scale brand concepts to developing successful influencer campaigns, she’s mastered the ability to adapt her professional methods and perspective to match her client’s marketing needs, no matter the scope.

Over the last decade, Robyn has elegantly woven her divergent skills & interests to create the lifestyle she’s always dreamed of. She is an internationally award-winning influencer in her field, has appeared on panels, and moderated discussions on female career advancement. She has also cultivated a distinguished reputation as a marketing professional and advisor, through which she turned many online personalities to power influencers and coached executives to reach C-level status.

Not only has Robyn studied consumer behaviour, but also her own, which has given her the insight and skill to drive growth in global brands as well as people. She believes that the first step in creating the business you want, no matter its size, starts with you. What future do you see? What principles do you want to stand for? How can we successfully marry your two answers? Her natural desire to learn, grow and challenge age-old beliefs and structures set in society has encouraged her always to seek out alternative, groundbreaking solutions that offer her clients a competitive edge.

KEY TEAM MEMBERS | Guided Agency Dubai

Bernard Nassif Marketing Expert Guided Agency

Bernard Nassif

Global Marketing Strategist

Former Managing Director at L’Oréal Group Europe, Canada & North America.

Andreea Zoia Communications Expert Guided Agency

Andreea Zoia

Communications Coach

International Public Speaking Coach, TedX Speaker & TV Presenter.

Matthew Hoffman Digital Director Guided Agency

Matthew Hoffman

Digital Director

Data Mathematician, Online Strategist.

Tareq Alasheq Art Director Guided Agency

Stephanie Tabib

Senior Art Director

Specialist in Design, Branding and Digital Animation.

Sofia Levin Content Marketing Guided Agency

Laura Brocca

Content Strategist

Content Creator, Storyteller and Communication Professional.

Tash Menon Leading Business Consultant Dubai

Tash Menon

Leading Business Consultant

Brand Strategist, Business Growth Advisor.

Our Values


Courage brought our business to life. At GUIDED, we believe that atypical thinking drives progress and should be encouraged; we don’t pass on innovative ideas for the sake of a safe route. Instead, we create a supportive, adaptable and informative environment so that you are always confident to make daring choices.


In our line of work, the only constant is change. That’s why adapting to changing trends is crucial to staying one step ahead of competitors. We pride ourselves on customising and evolving our approach based on your specific circumstances, goals and best interest.


Our work ethic comes second to none; we are inquisitive, uncompromising, and perfectionists when it comes to achieving your goals. Once we embark on a professional relationship with you, your success becomes our success.

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