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Our Story

Empowering Forward Thinkers, Inspiring Change

GUIDED is a strategy consulting company, born from a desire to offer global businesses a collaborative, specialist and creative environment for new marketing methods to thrive.

Founded in Dubai with experience amassed from APAC, Europe, USA and the GCC, we approach every project with a unique perspective, fine-tuned to thrive on a global scale.

Our extensive background in the Real Estate, Fashion and F&B industries — among many others — ensures our ability to swiftly & successfully find strategic solutions that give your business a competitive advantage. We tackle intricate projects head-on, with integrity and forward-thinking and invite innovative solutions that carry your business into cutting-edge territory. Staying true to our core values, GUIDED works closely with our clients to devise a business strategy that promotes organic growth and optimal performance throughout their entire company.

Meet The Founder

Robyn Abouchedid - Brand Consultant Dubai


“You are your best asset.”

Robyn Abou Chedid is a distinguished Executive Coach and trusted specialist in consumer behaviour. Before establishing her marketing consulting company, GUIDED, she spent over a decade developing a diverse range of expertise and infallible instincts within the marketing industry. During this time, she became a critical asset to large corporations operating globally, using her know-how to construct remarkable large-scale brand concepts, strategise high-yielding brand identity campaigns and secure loyalty from millions of customers worldwide. In the process, she found her passion in helping professionals take their aspirations from far-fetched thoughts to real-life opportunities.

As a Director of Corporate Marketing & Technology, a Chief Marketing Officer and internationally award-winning influencer, among other decorated titles, Robyn amassed comprehensive experience in scaling brands and businesses from the ground up. During this time, she recognised the powerful impact of leveraging individual identity— ever-growing skills, values and interpersonal connections—for professional success rather than solely focusing on product-based demand. 

Dedicated to demonstrating that successful brands are built by the heroes behind them, Robyn maintains a hands-on approach at every stage of the coaching process and ensures each aspect of her client’s professional identity reflects their spirit and serves their goals. Though she has worked with a wide range of people from C-level entrepreneurs to doctors, real estate titans and more, her mission remains the same—to help individuals identify the inner calling that inspires their aspirations, and develop an actionable framework that engages both elements with boundless potential for success. 

Robyn is widely-endorsed for her ability to act as a gateway between individuals and their ambitions. Through self-reflective discovery sessions and thorough research, she formulates value-based strategies and works alongside her team of creatives to deliver branding elements that set her clients apart in their chosen industry. Over and above the direction and decade-long expertise she offers, Robyn empowers professionals to stop thinking and start doing and is committed to proving that people’s unique differentiators are the key to building successful brands long-term.

Our Values


Courage brought our business to life. At GUIDED, we believe that atypical thinking drives progress and should be encouraged; we don’t pass on innovative ideas for the sake of a safe route. Instead, we create a supportive, adaptable and informative environment so that you are always confident to make daring choices.


In our line of work, the only constant is change. That’s why adapting to changing trends is crucial to staying one step ahead of competitors. We pride ourselves on customising and evolving our approach based on your specific circumstances, goals and best interest.


Our work ethic comes second to none; we are inquisitive, uncompromising, and perfectionists when it comes to achieving your goals. Once we embark on a professional relationship with you, your success becomes our success.

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