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Brand experts Guided Agency can help your business conceive & execute powerful branding communications to your customers.


We craft compelling, strategically positioned personal brands that create authority, credibility and build trust.

Branding Agency Dubai


Our Founder, Robyn Abou Chedid, prioritises her time to lead all personal branding initiatives. Because after all, it is personal!

She a distinguished Executive Coach and trusted specialist in consumer behaviour that provides direction to individuals and executives on how to drive business and personally grow their brand. 

Robyn amassed comprehensive experience in scaling brands and businesses from the ground up. In the process, she recognised the powerful impact of leveraging one’s individual’s identity–their ever-growing skills, values and interpersonal connections–for professional success rather than solely focusing on product-based demand.

Not only is she #1 on Google, she is widely-endorsed for her ability to act as a gateway between individuals and their goals. Through self-reflective discovery sessions and thorough research, she formulates value-based strategies and works alongside her team of creatives to deliver branding elements that set her clients apart in their chosen industry.



Professionals that build their brand make 47% more money than those who don’t.

In today’s economy, personal branding and executive positioning are a necessity. What is your brand and how can it be leveraged externally across your industry? What platforms should you use to gain opportunities.

We’ll work with you to discover your personal brand and provide you with the tools and strategies to build your personal brand’s value.


Personal branding is an ongoing process that establishes a positive, lasting impression with others. It’s your identity, defined and packaged so seamlessly that it undeniably resonates with you. 

Robyn works with you one-on-one in her signature discovery sessions to dig deep and explore your value system, goals, vision and truly understand how you want to be remembered in this world. 

65%+ of people trust messaging coming from personal vs. corporate brands. So whether you’re a doctor or entrepreneur, they trust you more than the organisation you’re in.


Once we have established your brand image, it’s time to spread your message in the most effective and efficient way possible: online.

Consistency is key, ensuring that the essence of your brand is clear throughout every piece of communication.

We work with you to identify the relevant and most effective channels to express yourself and make the most impact.

Don't forget, you are key

Personal branding is predicated on true authentic thought leadership.

Your thought leadership.

You can outsource all of the moving parts and execution to us but the expert insights and the personal stories come from you.

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