More room for happiness

Launching a new district within Arabian Ranches III.

About This Project

Ruba was the fourth district to be launched in the Arabian Ranches III (AR III) community; however, the townhouses were slightly bigger in size and more expensive. The challenge was creating a balance of mentioning extra space without the association of a price increase.


Branching out from the existing ‘Find Your Happy’ positioning of AR III. Ruba homes were more spacious, and with that in mind, we created a concept around the “room” aspect and positioned the campaign about finding your happiness within each room of the house.
The new district also had a pool grotto developed around the concept of a resort, and the destination ultimately became the place of “ More room for happiness” – Both room for family and room for you.

Step 01
Teaser Campaign – Room for you, room for family

Step 02
Launch – More room for happiness

Step 03
Sustainability – Post campaign images highlighting USP’s