EROS Digital

Electronics on the dot

Launching an e-commerce platform in the UAE.

About This Project

Eros Group – a company that successfully runs over 30 retail stores in the UAE – was now foraying into e-commerce as a separate sales channel. The brand wasn’t well known, so the challenge was moving Eros from a low brand recognition status to top-of-mind.


The Middle East was slow to take up on online shopping and at the time e-commerce platforms were only just starting to emerge in the marketplace. A large number of people either hadn’t fully understood online shopping or were still not comfortable with the format. So our idea focussed on addressing their uncertainties by highlighting ‘the benefits of online shopping’.

The fully integrated campaign amplified the benefits of online shopping in a way that caught the audience’s attention: We campaigned the benefits in the form of intriguing URLs such as,, to name a few which drove them to the ecomm website providing them with a seamless user experience of browsing items.